South Africa, the American Chemical Society, and the Maturing Process

Dear APMP Members,

Thank you for all the nice comments on the launch of our new APMP Exec Direct blog.  Let’s get moving on round two (aka the second installment).

 APMP Exec Direct News:

South Africa (SA) Chapter:  Working with Government for Better Procurement:   Neil Philipson, member of APMP’s Board of Directors and APMP SA, and Sally Jacques, APMP SA Chapter Chair, tell us that they’ve recently fostered relations with the South African government’s State Owned Enterprises Procurement Forum (SOEPF).  Kamogelo and Neil sign the agreementThey’ve signed a memorandum of agreement allowing the two organizations to collaboratively structure a framework for communicating and complementing each others efforts on an efficient and well-governed procurement process.  SOEPF represents organizations that many of APMP SA’s members submit proposals to. Both the SOEPF and the APMP SA member companies stand to gain by better understanding each others processes, in an effort to ensure that procurement is efficient, well-governed and promotes the South African government’s goals of job creation, black economic empowerment, and economic growth through private-public partnership. Congratulations to Neil, Sally, and all APMP SA members for this this terrific example of fostering better communications between industry and government.

APMP International and the American Chemical Society: They’re Watching Us and Yes, We Are Flattered – What does the 150,000 member American Chemical Society (ACS) want with APMP?  “Terms of price, benefits, and execution.”  During a recent two-hour meeting, ACS staff noted they had been monitoring APMP’s Corporate Member and Corporate Sponsorship

ACSmodel for more than a year. APMP staff shared what has and has not proven successful, and answered questions that will help ACS launch its own Corporate Membership and Sponsorship Program later this year. ACS staff communicated that they intend to continue to learn from our program and use large parts of it in their own program model. APMP’s Corporate Memberships and Sponsorships have increased 30 percent (from 18 to 60) since 2012.

Fast Facts We Bet You Don’t Know About APMP

APMP got its start in 1989 in California with 28 charter members.  Despite launching in California, APMP is incorporated in Utah. The association moved east in 2011.  Its largest chapter (as of January 31) is APMP UK, with 1,321 members, and its smallest chapter is a budding APMP Korea, with 11 members.

A whopping 51 percent of APMP Commercial Community members report that they were either managers, sales, or marketing professionals before entering the proposal profession.  Sales and Marketing sounds like a market that we should be pursuing!

Our year-end membership report reveals that 20 of APMP’s 26 chapters gained members in 2014.  Of the six chapters that lost members, five lost four members or less for the year.  In other words, APMP membership continues to trend up.


As We Grow, Our Processes are Maturing

One of our APMP members recently asked the chapter they affiliate with (and myself, separately) about the chapter’s finances.  As we grow, this question will continue to be asked, and it deserves an answer.

Currently, every APMP International Board member is provided with a monthly detailed report of the association’s accounting prior to our Board meetings.  We review that report at the Board meetings, discuss the state of the finances, and move forward to make decisions that are in the best interest of APMP and that will fund benefits for our members.

I personally invite any APMP member, whether to satisfy their own curiosity or for any other reason, to review our audited 2013 and 2012 financial statements here.  This association operates in the open air and will continue to do so.  We also encourage all of our chapters to do the same.

As a result of a lengthy conversation with the member, and due to the association’s continued growth, I understand that we need to review our current policies on how we share information, and look to strengthen them.  Therefore, in the coming months (and years), I commit that APMP will do the following:

  • Continue to publish the association’s full audited financial statements at, following each annual audit.
  • Work with APMP chapters globally to establish a process/procedure where APMP members may request any information from the chapter it affiliates with in a consistent written format.
  • Establish a process/procedure where APMP members may send the written request to myself, or another APMP International staff member, if they are not satisfied with the resulting decision of their local Board.

As we continue to grow, our emphasis on transparency in all areas will continue as well.

We are Standing By For Your Comments and Questions.

Please write a question or deliver your comment to and we will answer.  You may also call +1-202-450-2549.  We will respond to APMP member comments, questions or ideas.  Please keep it positive, because we always will!

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