Infographics, APMP Europe, #APMP2015, and Something is Cooking in the APMP Kitchen.

APMP Exec Direct News:

Infographic “About APMP” Available and Free to All Members It has been reported at times that it can be difficult to explain your association to those you work with. We’re making it easier by offering all members a free one-page flier that quickly tells the who, what, when, where, why, and how of APMP. It’s an easy-to-read one page editorial/infographic and we hope that APMP members will use it in their offices and chapters will distribute this to their members. Download your one-page APMP Info flier here.


APMP European Chapters to Get Their Own APMP European ReporterAPMP’s weekly electronic newsletter, The APMP Reporter, is expanding to Europe this spring. The APMP UK chapter Board has approved the launch of the European-focused bid and proposals industry newsletter for the continent. The Reporter, is the official news weekly of APMP. It’s an e-news brief distributed to the inboxes of APMP members each Wednesday. The Reporter features APMP announcements and compelling industry alerts as well as business news aggregated from global business media outlets. APMP staff will now begin working with other chapters in Europe to launch the APMP European Reporter by Bid & Proposal Con 2015.

Speaking of Bid & Proposal Con 2015 (#APMP2015): The latest update….
APMP is pleased that its members are registering early and often. As of press time, Bid & Proposal Con is about 10 registrations ahead of last year’s record-setting attendance in Chicago. APMP staff also returned from a site and planning visit in Seattle, and report that the Sheraton Downtown hotel is phenomenal! In the heart of the city, it is minutes from the Pike Place Public Market and is as nice as, if not more contemporary than, last years hotel in Chicago. The good news is that APMP will be the only group in the hotel in late May, so we hope to see you there!


What’s Cooking in the APMP Kitchen?

Here’s a quick round-up of a pending project that is cooking in the APMP kitchen. Watch the space above when it is fully cooked and ready for consumption. The APMP Professional Development Committee has drafted the industry’s first career paths. These easy-to-read career path fliers will take a title (for example, Proposal Manager) and describe the job function, the salary range, and where you can go next. Special thanks to Ruth Turman and Steve Koger for getting this project off the drawing board and into the APMP kitchen. APMP staff will take it from here to do some editing and designing and let everyone know when these career paths are available.

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6,000+ Members, 2014 Year-End Numbers, and The Smiths

APMP Exec Direct News:

APMP Signs Up 6,000th Member – APMP hit the 6,000 member milestone this past week with the addition of Maryke Otto, Bid Manager from Dimension Data (Pty) Ltd. in South Africa. Maryke belongs to the APMP South Africa Chapter and will receive an additional year of APMP membership at no extra cost for being the lucky number 6,000. Almost half of APMP membership is found outside the United States, primarily in Europe, highlighting a global need for the resources APMP membership delivers. Congratulations to Maryke for becoming part of our APMP family and we are already looking forward to signing up member number 7,000! Click here for the full story.


Final 2014 APMP Unaudited Financials – Your association finished 2014 with a slight profit. According to our unaudited closing financials for 2014, APMP had an annual income of $1.67 shutterstock_159748679million dollars against annual expenses of about $1.63 million for a net profit of the year of about $37,000 profit for the year. The APMP Board will now review the unaudited 2014 financials, send them to our auditing firm where they will be reviewed, studied and tested for accuracy, audited, and then posted on APMP’s website in the fall. We will publish an article in the next APMP Journal (May 2015) detailing our primary revenue generators and our primary expenses.


APMP’s Bid & Proposal Con Seattle 2015 Registrations Ahead of Chicago Last Year APMP’s Director of Marketing and Communications Patrice Scheyer reports that early registration numbers for the APMP Bid & Proposal Con 2015 in Seattle, WA are 25 registrants ahead of where were2015_BPC_Logo at the same time last year. Strong interest in the Pacific Northwest event and early registrations from APMP’s western chapters are chief contributors to the pace. The Early-Bird deadline ends March 27, 2015 and you can go to follow this link to learn more or register right now.


2014: APMP’s Corporate Memberships/Sponsors Continue to Rise In 2014 APMP’s Corporate Memberships/Sponsorships shot up 24 percent (from 51 Corporate Members/Sponsors to 63). The driving force behind the continued APMP Corporate Members/Sponsors growth is APMP certification. Companies are flocking to APMP to get their corporate teams APMP certified in order to gain an advantage on their competition. Since 2011, APMP’s Corporate Members/Sponsors have increased 250 percent (from 18 to 63).


Other Fast APMP Facts

The Three Industries Fueling APMP Members Proposals – Whether you write, support or manage proposals for government or commercial interests, the three dominant industries that APMP members identify with are IT Services and Manufacturers (35 percent), Telecommunications (19 percent), and Engineering (17 percent). Those three industries make up 71 percent of the proposals submitted by APMP members. The next three are General Services (10 percent), Health Services (8 percent), and Financial Services (7 percent) for a total of 25 percent.

The Smith’s Dominate at APMP — We’re not talking about the band, but the surname. As long as we are crunching numbers we thought we would share the most common names of APMP members (who we all know are the greatest proposal professionals anywhere). There are 29 APMP members with the last name Smith, 24 APMP members with the last name Williams, and 23 APMP members with the last name Jones. In the completely useless information department, the surnames Smith, Williams, and Jones make up 1.3 percent of the names in the APMP membership. In the “we-really-don’t-care-but-we-feel-like-we-must-read-on-department,” in the United States, the surname Smith is ranked #1, Williams #3, and Jones #5. In the UK, its Smith #1, Jones #2, and Williams #5.


My Final Thought: Managing our Member Growth

Even as APMP continues to grow, we are humbled by the potential of what we can be.

Are there only 6,011 proposal professionals in the world? No, far from it. We know through the course of our business that there are hundreds-of-thousands of potential APMP members in most large countries and tens-of-thousands in smaller countries. There is no way for APMP to attract all those members at one time. Instead, we must build in a measured way, making sure that staff keeps pace with the number of members and our benefits keep pace with our expansion.

In the next few weeks, APMP staff will be rolling out a plan to the APMP Board that describes key target markets for new APMP members and how staff intend to pursue them. What’s most important about this new strategy is that we not forget APMP’s core membership – Proposal/Bid Managers, Proposal/Bid Consultants, and Proposal/Bid Specialists, who combined, make up 81 percent of APMP’s 6,011 members.

Thank you for helping us get to 6,000+. We literally couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you in advance for helping us reach 7,000 and later 10,000 and beyond. Just know that no matter what new marketing direction we take, we will never forget the core group that brought us to this incredible dance. You have my word on that.


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Commercial Community, Association Help, Stunning Membership Growth and Global APMP Core Benefits

Commercial Community to expand with educational offerings on the drawing board — We met with the chairs of APMP’s Commercial Community to talk about growing educational offerings to the 37 percent of APMP members who identify as commercial APMP_CommercialCommunityLogoproposal professionals.  We created a 2015 Commercial Community Growth Outline Plan Draft that will soon make its way to all APMP Commercial Committee members for comment. Chief among the list of ideas is to identify pieces of a commercial proposal framework; identifying the obvious differences between federally focused and commercial proposals and conducting surveys and research to help.  A special thanks to Melissa DeMaio of the New York Metro Chapter and Robin Davis of the Mid-South Chapter and APMP Board Member for getting the conversation going.


APMP Helps Society for Technical Communication (STC) with Certification Program:  Chris Lyons, the new CEO of STC, recently reached out to APMP to learn about our certification stc_mod3program.  Mr. Lyons is interested in APMP’s 10 year old certification model for the STC.  APMP helped STC form a relationship with the APM Group, the governing body for all APMP certification, and STC will have its new certification program up and operating by the end of the year.

Even More Fast APMP Facts

Stunning Membership Growth… –Since 2012, APMP’s membership has grown 23 percent from 4,671 members to our current 5, 771. As a measuring stick and according to the American Society for Association Executives (ASAE), most associations are happy with a three to five percent growth annually. Thanks to your support, confidence, and investment, APMP has grown at close to four times that rate.

…But We Still Know Who We Are – Despite the tremendous membership growth, 81 percent of APMP members identify themselves as either Proposal/Bid Managers, Proposal/ Bid Specialists, or Bid/Consultants. Though we’ve branched out to serve all parts of the business development and proposal development life cycle, we still stay true to our core group and mission – the professionals writing, managing, and executing the proposals.

 New Webinar Record Just EstablishedSamantha Enselen’s The (Proposal) Checklist Manifesto smashed all previous APMP webinar attendance records by more than 100 registrations.  Sam, president of Dragonfly Editorial, gave the presentation to more than 405 proposal and business development professionals as part of the APMP 2015 webinar series.  If you missed it, no worries, APMP members can download the presentation free of charge by clicking the link above.  The new webinar record is now 405 registrations.

My Final Thought:  Core APMP Benefits for APMP Members Everywhere

As membership continues to grow, it is increasingly important that core APMP member benefits are consistent everywhere (anywhere in the world).  APMP launched in the United States in 1987, but since then our growth has taken us all over the world.  We have a core number of benefits that include the APMP Journal, free webinars, the APMP Body of Knowledge, and APMP certification that members can access globally.

There are also APMP benefits that are largely US centric and that has to change.  These include the APMP Reporter (weekly electronic newsletter), the APMP US Salary Survey, and an upcoming benefit titled APMP Career Paths.

We are having conversations at the Board level to make sure that all of our core benefits are available to all members, no matter where in the world they live. We don’t believe it is fair to exclude international members from these APMP core benefits because they don’t live in the United States.

If you think this is important, please let me know by leaving a comment.  If you think there is a benefit that we should add to the core list, please let me know.

As a growing global association, I think it is important that all APMP members have access to the same core benefits across the board, and I hope you do too.

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