Commercial Community, Association Help, Stunning Membership Growth and Global APMP Core Benefits

Commercial Community to expand with educational offerings on the drawing board — We met with the chairs of APMP’s Commercial Community to talk about growing educational offerings to the 37 percent of APMP members who identify as commercial APMP_CommercialCommunityLogoproposal professionals.  We created a 2015 Commercial Community Growth Outline Plan Draft that will soon make its way to all APMP Commercial Committee members for comment. Chief among the list of ideas is to identify pieces of a commercial proposal framework; identifying the obvious differences between federally focused and commercial proposals and conducting surveys and research to help.  A special thanks to Melissa DeMaio of the New York Metro Chapter and Robin Davis of the Mid-South Chapter and APMP Board Member for getting the conversation going.


APMP Helps Society for Technical Communication (STC) with Certification Program:  Chris Lyons, the new CEO of STC, recently reached out to APMP to learn about our certification stc_mod3program.  Mr. Lyons is interested in APMP’s 10 year old certification model for the STC.  APMP helped STC form a relationship with the APM Group, the governing body for all APMP certification, and STC will have its new certification program up and operating by the end of the year.

Even More Fast APMP Facts

Stunning Membership Growth… –Since 2012, APMP’s membership has grown 23 percent from 4,671 members to our current 5, 771. As a measuring stick and according to the American Society for Association Executives (ASAE), most associations are happy with a three to five percent growth annually. Thanks to your support, confidence, and investment, APMP has grown at close to four times that rate.

…But We Still Know Who We Are – Despite the tremendous membership growth, 81 percent of APMP members identify themselves as either Proposal/Bid Managers, Proposal/ Bid Specialists, or Bid/Consultants. Though we’ve branched out to serve all parts of the business development and proposal development life cycle, we still stay true to our core group and mission – the professionals writing, managing, and executing the proposals.

 New Webinar Record Just EstablishedSamantha Enselen’s The (Proposal) Checklist Manifesto smashed all previous APMP webinar attendance records by more than 100 registrations.  Sam, president of Dragonfly Editorial, gave the presentation to more than 405 proposal and business development professionals as part of the APMP 2015 webinar series.  If you missed it, no worries, APMP members can download the presentation free of charge by clicking the link above.  The new webinar record is now 405 registrations.

My Final Thought:  Core APMP Benefits for APMP Members Everywhere

As membership continues to grow, it is increasingly important that core APMP member benefits are consistent everywhere (anywhere in the world).  APMP launched in the United States in 1987, but since then our growth has taken us all over the world.  We have a core number of benefits that include the APMP Journal, free webinars, the APMP Body of Knowledge, and APMP certification that members can access globally.

There are also APMP benefits that are largely US centric and that has to change.  These include the APMP Reporter (weekly electronic newsletter), the APMP US Salary Survey, and an upcoming benefit titled APMP Career Paths.

We are having conversations at the Board level to make sure that all of our core benefits are available to all members, no matter where in the world they live. We don’t believe it is fair to exclude international members from these APMP core benefits because they don’t live in the United States.

If you think this is important, please let me know by leaving a comment.  If you think there is a benefit that we should add to the core list, please let me know.

As a growing global association, I think it is important that all APMP members have access to the same core benefits across the board, and I hope you do too.

Got a Comment, Question or Idea?

Please write a question or deliver your comments to and we will answer.  You may also call +1-202-450-2549.  We will respond to APMP member comments, questions or ideas.  Please keep it positive, because we always will!

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