6,000+ Members, 2014 Year-End Numbers, and The Smiths

APMP Exec Direct News:

APMP Signs Up 6,000th Member – APMP hit the 6,000 member milestone this past week with the addition of Maryke Otto, Bid Manager from Dimension Data (Pty) Ltd. in South Africa. Maryke belongs to the APMP South Africa Chapter and will receive an additional year of APMP membership at no extra cost for being the lucky number 6,000. Almost half of APMP membership is found outside the United States, primarily in Europe, highlighting a global need for the resources APMP membership delivers. Congratulations to Maryke for becoming part of our APMP family and we are already looking forward to signing up member number 7,000! Click here for the full story.


Final 2014 APMP Unaudited Financials – Your association finished 2014 with a slight profit. According to our unaudited closing financials for 2014, APMP had an annual income of $1.67 shutterstock_159748679million dollars against annual expenses of about $1.63 million for a net profit of the year of about $37,000 profit for the year. The APMP Board will now review the unaudited 2014 financials, send them to our auditing firm where they will be reviewed, studied and tested for accuracy, audited, and then posted on APMP’s website in the fall. We will publish an article in the next APMP Journal (May 2015) detailing our primary revenue generators and our primary expenses.


APMP’s Bid & Proposal Con Seattle 2015 Registrations Ahead of Chicago Last Year APMP’s Director of Marketing and Communications Patrice Scheyer reports that early registration numbers for the APMP Bid & Proposal Con 2015 in Seattle, WA are 25 registrants ahead of where were2015_BPC_Logo at the same time last year. Strong interest in the Pacific Northwest event and early registrations from APMP’s western chapters are chief contributors to the pace. The Early-Bird deadline ends March 27, 2015 and you can go to follow this link to learn more or register right now.


2014: APMP’s Corporate Memberships/Sponsors Continue to Rise In 2014 APMP’s Corporate Memberships/Sponsorships shot up 24 percent (from 51 Corporate Members/Sponsors to 63). The driving force behind the continued APMP Corporate Members/Sponsors growth is APMP certification. Companies are flocking to APMP to get their corporate teams APMP certified in order to gain an advantage on their competition. Since 2011, APMP’s Corporate Members/Sponsors have increased 250 percent (from 18 to 63).


Other Fast APMP Facts

The Three Industries Fueling APMP Members Proposals – Whether you write, support or manage proposals for government or commercial interests, the three dominant industries that APMP members identify with are IT Services and Manufacturers (35 percent), Telecommunications (19 percent), and Engineering (17 percent). Those three industries make up 71 percent of the proposals submitted by APMP members. The next three are General Services (10 percent), Health Services (8 percent), and Financial Services (7 percent) for a total of 25 percent.

The Smith’s Dominate at APMP — We’re not talking about the band, but the surname. As long as we are crunching numbers we thought we would share the most common names of APMP members (who we all know are the greatest proposal professionals anywhere). There are 29 APMP members with the last name Smith, 24 APMP members with the last name Williams, and 23 APMP members with the last name Jones. In the completely useless information department, the surnames Smith, Williams, and Jones make up 1.3 percent of the names in the APMP membership. In the “we-really-don’t-care-but-we-feel-like-we-must-read-on-department,” in the United States, the surname Smith is ranked #1, Williams #3, and Jones #5. In the UK, its Smith #1, Jones #2, and Williams #5.


My Final Thought: Managing our Member Growth

Even as APMP continues to grow, we are humbled by the potential of what we can be.

Are there only 6,011 proposal professionals in the world? No, far from it. We know through the course of our business that there are hundreds-of-thousands of potential APMP members in most large countries and tens-of-thousands in smaller countries. There is no way for APMP to attract all those members at one time. Instead, we must build in a measured way, making sure that staff keeps pace with the number of members and our benefits keep pace with our expansion.

In the next few weeks, APMP staff will be rolling out a plan to the APMP Board that describes key target markets for new APMP members and how staff intend to pursue them. What’s most important about this new strategy is that we not forget APMP’s core membership – Proposal/Bid Managers, Proposal/Bid Consultants, and Proposal/Bid Specialists, who combined, make up 81 percent of APMP’s 6,011 members.

Thank you for helping us get to 6,000+. We literally couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you in advance for helping us reach 7,000 and later 10,000 and beyond. Just know that no matter what new marketing direction we take, we will never forget the core group that brought us to this incredible dance. You have my word on that.


Got a Comment, Question or Idea?

Please write a question or deliver your comments to rick.harris@apmp.org and we will answer. You may also call +1-202-450-2549. We will respond to APMP member comments, questions or ideas. Please keep it positive, because we always will!

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