Infographics, APMP Europe, #APMP2015, and Something is Cooking in the APMP Kitchen.

APMP Exec Direct News:

Infographic “About APMP” Available and Free to All Members It has been reported at times that it can be difficult to explain your association to those you work with. We’re making it easier by offering all members a free one-page flier that quickly tells the who, what, when, where, why, and how of APMP. It’s an easy-to-read one page editorial/infographic and we hope that APMP members will use it in their offices and chapters will distribute this to their members. Download your one-page APMP Info flier here.


APMP European Chapters to Get Their Own APMP European ReporterAPMP’s weekly electronic newsletter, The APMP Reporter, is expanding to Europe this spring. The APMP UK chapter Board has approved the launch of the European-focused bid and proposals industry newsletter for the continent. The Reporter, is the official news weekly of APMP. It’s an e-news brief distributed to the inboxes of APMP members each Wednesday. The Reporter features APMP announcements and compelling industry alerts as well as business news aggregated from global business media outlets. APMP staff will now begin working with other chapters in Europe to launch the APMP European Reporter by Bid & Proposal Con 2015.

Speaking of Bid & Proposal Con 2015 (#APMP2015): The latest update….
APMP is pleased that its members are registering early and often. As of press time, Bid & Proposal Con is about 10 registrations ahead of last year’s record-setting attendance in Chicago. APMP staff also returned from a site and planning visit in Seattle, and report that the Sheraton Downtown hotel is phenomenal! In the heart of the city, it is minutes from the Pike Place Public Market and is as nice as, if not more contemporary than, last years hotel in Chicago. The good news is that APMP will be the only group in the hotel in late May, so we hope to see you there!


What’s Cooking in the APMP Kitchen?

Here’s a quick round-up of a pending project that is cooking in the APMP kitchen. Watch the space above when it is fully cooked and ready for consumption. The APMP Professional Development Committee has drafted the industry’s first career paths. These easy-to-read career path fliers will take a title (for example, Proposal Manager) and describe the job function, the salary range, and where you can go next. Special thanks to Ruth Turman and Steve Koger for getting this project off the drawing board and into the APMP kitchen. APMP staff will take it from here to do some editing and designing and let everyone know when these career paths are available.

Got a Comment, Question or Idea?

Please write a question or deliver your comments to and we will answer. You may also call +1-202-450-2549. We will respond to APMP member comments, questions or ideas. Please keep it positive, because we always will!

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