Google Analytics and an Editorial Shift in APMP’s Exec Direct

APMP’s Exec Direct News:

Daily Announcements coming to APMP’s Exec Direct Blog Starting today, APMP’s Exec Direct blog will feature daily postings. While you won’t get as many stories at one time, you’ll get the consistent daily posting that APMP business warrants. APMP members are reading our Exec Direct blog and are sharing that they would like the information in shorter bites. Posting daily will also help the association strengthen its Search Engine Optimization strategies.

Welcome to the first of the daily postings on your APMP Exec Direct blog!

Monday, April 6, 2015: Google Analytics Mania! – Speaking of Search Engine Optimization, APMP recently gathered its Google Analytics stats from to see where our traffic was coming from over the last 30 days. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Site Visits – On a regular day, APMP averages about 400 site visits. However, during Bid & Proposal Con season (March through May) we average about 1,200 site visits a day, or nearly triple the number of visits.
  • New Visits – About one-half of all of our site visits are new. This means that we are driving potential new members and customers to the website which is good for our industry.
  • Visits by Country has been viewed in 91 countries globally. The top four countries in number of site visits over the last 30 days are:
    1. The United States with 12,000+ visits
    2. The United Kingdom with 2,500+ visits
    3. Canada with 790+ visits
    4. India with 750+ visits
  • Visits by States in the US – Using the same time period and drilling down into the US States with the most visits, the top four U.S. states are:
    1. Virginia with 2,200+ visits
    2. Maryland with 1,100+ visits
    3. Texas with 990+ visits
    4. California with 980+ visits
  • Mobile Device Champ – When searching on a mobile device, most APMP members do so via Apple iPhone (45 percent) and Apple iPad (21 percent).
  • Top Referring Social Media Site – It’s not even close with a full 73 percent of our social-referral visits coming from LinkedIn. Twitter is a distant second with only 7 percent.

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