What They Said — The Smartest People In The World Are APMP Members

April 7, 2015 — Welcome back from your Easter/Passover break.  While I was away on spring holiday, a member asked me what I liked best about other APMP members.  Without hesitation, I said it was their honesty.

Rarely do I have a conversation with an APMP member that is not deeply-rooted in honest exchange.  It’s refreshing because everyone knows exactly where everyone else stands and discussions and decisions are arrived at fairly.

APMP members can be an opinionated bunch, and I like that too.  Again, you know exactly where you stand.

I want to share a discussion on an APMP Commercial Community LinkedIn site between members that I found fascinating.  Mike Parkinson, Principal at 24 Hour Company shared it with me and I want to share it with you.

What struck me was the way our Commercial members have shared an open discussion about career paths with their colleagues.  Oh yeah, it’s dripping with honest mindshare, which I think makes the discussion that much more valuable.

See what others are saying about your association by clicking here.


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