The Power of Unsubscribing

April 10, 2015 – Today’s message is more of a public service than anything else and involves clearing out the junk mail from your inbox.

I am generally a fan of e-mail because I like to learn about what’s going on in companies and organizations.  I like reading how others write because I think it makes me a better writer.

But, as we all know, sometimes the e-mail volume is too much.  For example, when I donated to a Cancer Foundation recently, shutterstock_172510079I didn’t expect to start mysteriously receiving regular e-mails from the Heart, Lupus and Brain Injury Foundations, too.   When I rented a car for a recent trip to Seattle, I didn’t expect to get daily rental car offers from four different rental car agencies who somehow knew.

It doesn’t pay to get angry in the Google Age.  I know that somehow, everyone knows what I am researching or buying.  Otherwise, why would the organization “Knowledge Management” start sending me three e-mails a day for conferences to attend like “The Oil Expo” or “The Engineering for Concrete Masonry Conference.”  I’ll bet these are great conferences, but they don’t interest this proposal industry association guy.

So, I took control.  One Tuesday April 7, 2015, every time I got an e-mail that had nothing to do with me, I simply opened it and hit unsubscribe. As soon as I received it, I unsubscribed.   I did this 27 times on that day.  Now my inbox is happy because it can breathe.  I am happy because I don’t have to reach for the delete button several times an hour.  Gone are the “unbelievable deals of the day” from Budget and Dollar rental cars.  Adios to the “Knowledge Management” construction related conferences and see you later Varicose Vein Foundation.  You sent, I unsubscribed and purged and it felt great.

I know it will build up again because that’s just how these things work now.  But we all have a secret weapon – the power to unsubscribe.

Share with us your secret to better managing your inbox better.  I would all love to hear.

One thought on “The Power of Unsubscribing

  1. You can also unsubscribe from many different emails by going to It allows you to unsubscribe from many different sites and one time and create one “roll up” email from many sites. It’s fantastic and fast – saves you hours!


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