New APMP Corporate Brochure Ready For You

April 20, 2015 – APMP has something new for you this Monday.  It is a brand-new spanking 12 page APMP Corporate Brochure that tells a great story about your association.  We’re publishing here first so all of our APMP Exec Direct blog readers see it before anyone else.

The new APMP Corporate Brochure is loaded with fast facts and iAPMP Corporate Brochurenfo-friendly graphics to help you and those outsiders (potential members) understand the benefits of joining APMP.  This will help you better understand what APMP does for its 6,200+ members globally everyday.

The 12-page electronic brochure features a brief overview, how to take advantage of APMP networking opportunities, APMP certification statistics, membership analysis, tools, members types and corresponding benefit and much more.

With a corporate design and an executive feel , the new APMP Corporate Brochure is ready for prime time!  The brochure will be sent ahead of all APMP meetings with corporate member prospects, the media, elected officials, senior-decision makers and all others who want to know about APMP.

We believe the most important part of the brochure are the member quotes from proposal professionals just like you.  We’re close  to completing the European (A4) version and will e-mail to all those on the continent when ready.

Enjoy the brochure, share with your company’s senior management and by all means, feel free to repost and retweet.

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