APMP Inks Global Book Deal

April 30, 2015 – APMP has inked a book deal with the world renowned Wiley Publications to produce the Writing Business Bids & Proposals For Dummies book that will hit store shelves Dummiesglobally in early in 2016.   The publishers contacted staff in February 2015 and we have been quietly negotiating with them to close the book deal.

The book will give APMP and its members exposure and bookshelf space it could have never afforded.  It will help consumers, marketing professionals and SMEs and others who are new to the proposal process to understand the complexities of writing an excellent proposal.   Clearly this book is not targeted for the seasoned APMP proposal veteran, but it is strategically positioned to introduce the next generation of proposal writers, coordinators, and managers to APMP.  The book will be a product of APMP’s Commercial Community chaired by Robin Davis of Metre Works and Melissa DeMaio of Ernst and Young.

APMP members are busy writing the book following the strict For Dummies guidelines.  The book is intended for the entry-level market who most likely know nothing about APMP or the art and science of proposal writing. Our goal is to make them aware of APMP best practices as defined in the APMP BOK, so they will want to learn more from our consultant members and ultimately become part of APMP’s growing family.

When working on the deal, the publishers told us, “At Wiley, through the For Dummies guides, we aim to ensure that information on how to write business bids and proposals is made accessible to the general consumer/business market, and SMEs in particular, who might not know how to tackle what could be seen as quite a complex area of business strategy.”

APMP’s logo will be featured on the book and spine and will be acknowledged as the authoring organization.

Wiley’s Books for Dummies property is the world’s best-selling reference guide with collection that has been translated into 30+ languages and sold in 100+ companies.

According to Wiley research, US consumers own an average of three For Dummies books and a new For Dummies book is bought once every minute in the UK.

One thought on “APMP Inks Global Book Deal

  1. What an amazing opportunity! Congrats to Melissa, Robin and the entire Commercial Community. So proud to be part of the APMP family. We rock !


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