APMP Members Win! U.S. Census Bureau Yields to Allow Consultant Participation

June 3, 2015 – Last month APMP’s Procurement Improvement Committee (PIC) called on all APMP members to urge the U.S. Census Bureau to remove language prohibiting consultants from participating on its RFP YA 1323-15-MS-0003 for Multi-Tiered Acquisition Framework for Systems Engineering and Integration.  The draft of this RFP restricted/prohibited technical consultants from participating on the RFP unless they are part of the offeror’s team.shutterstock_175538990

APMP strongly believed that this was an arbitrary requirement that was discriminatory toward small business and a poor attempt to perfect the procurement process.  APMP and many of its members provided draft comments to the U.S Census Bureau about the offending language and how it arbitrarily could damage our industry.

The great news is that we won!  Yesterday the U.S. Census Bureau added a sentence in the final RFP that reads, “This does not preclude the use of contracted technical writing, marketing, and communications support in the preparation of the proposal.”

Proposal consultants throughout the United States can celebrate.  This is a huge victory for APMP and its PIC Committee.  We righted a wrong before it was released in the final RFP and consultants are now able to participate.   We also want to thank Molly Shea, the U.S. Census Bureau contracting officer on the RFP for listening to industry concerns and clarifying the language.

Please know that the APMP staff and its PIC are ready to mobilize at the first sign of a draft RFP that appears to be unfair or exclusionary to members in our industry.  If you see something that looks troublesome, please send the offending language and a copy of the draft RFP to rick.harris@apmp.org.

We will educate and advocate on your behalf and let federal agencies know for you and with you where we believe the proposal industry has been compromised in future RFPs or rulings.  We know through the U.S Census Bureau exercise that it works!

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