Proposal Professionals Tell Us How Happy They Are On The Job

June 9, 2015 – APMP recently released its 2015 APMP U.S. Compensation Report at last week’s APMP Bid & Proposal Con 2015 in Seattle, WA.  One of the questions in the survey asked APMP members how happy they were in their jobs as proposal professionals.How Happy 2

The good news is that proposal professionals are generally a happy lot.  Despite tight deadlines, crushing hours logged in a work week and the sometimes need to win-or-go-home, proposal pros overwhelmingly reported that they love their jobs and their industry.

Of the 991 APMP member respondents who took the survey, the reports of proposal bliss are glowing.  Here are the results on the first-ever APMP Happy-meter:

  • 38.6 percent say they are “Very Happy”
  • 40.5 percent say they are “Happy”
  • 10.2 percent are neutral
  • 10.8 percent are either “Not Very or Not At All Happy”

When you start combining stats, the Happy picture gets even, well, happier!  A whopping 79.1 percent of APMP members are with “Very Happy” or “Happy.”  We suspect that these are people who have been in the industry a while and have settled in to the thrill of victory and know how to stomach the other one (that shall not be named).

We also suspect that the 10.8 percent of “Not Very or Not At All Happy” people could be existing the industry in the next year or so, if not sooner.  That’s okay because being a proposal professional is not for everyone.

How does the “79 percent happy statistic” stack up against other industries?  We don’t know and we don’t care.  We’re just glad the vast majority of our folks are with us and are happy!

Help APMP help you to become happier.  Tell us what makes you happy about being a proposal professional in the comment box below.  We’ll share the answers in a follow-up article on APMP’s Exec Direct blog.

2 thoughts on “Proposal Professionals Tell Us How Happy They Are On The Job

  1. Some cognitive dissonance going on here.

    “This job’s a monster, they work me all hours and don’t pay me enough

    I only do it because I love it!”


  2. I am in control and in most cases have the final say. I design my job and drive it. I love this career as bid manager although only for 6 months. The first in the organisation.


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