APMP’s Journal Wins Another Award — This Time for Cover Design

June 17, 2015 — For the second consecutive year, APMP’s signature publication, the APMP Journal, has been honored with an EXCEL design award from the Association of Media & Publishing (AM&P).   APMP’s Journal won a Silver Award for Best Cover Design for the APMP Journal, Volume II, Number I, 2014, featuring the “Left Brain, Right Brain” article.  Journal Brain

Despite being out-spent and out-resourced by much larger associations, the APMP Journal received its second consecutive EXCEL award for outstanding design in a non-profit/trade/professional organization.  Last year APMP won for Best Redesign.

What does this mean for APMP and its members?  In addition to bragging rights and generally feeling good about the APMP Journal, it demonstrates that APMP members are getting the best in the industry.  It means that the standard of our publications are performing at higher level.   It also means that the exceptional quality of design associated with the APMP Journal matches the outstanding editorial content provided by our member writers.

The AM&P (confusing, we know!) EXCEL Awards are 35 years old and are given to the best in association media and publishing.   This year alone, AM&P received more than 800 awards entries. The judging panel used a more detailed numerical judging system than it ever has before.  As a result, APMP’s Journal Best Cover Design finished in the top 25 percent of the 800 entries according to A&MP.

APMP recognizes the APMP membership, who contribute meaningful content, and our editorial partners at The YGS Group, who work to co-produce the APMP Journal with APMP’s Editor in Chief, Patrice Scheyer.  Thanks to everyone, APMP wins its second EXCEL award for the second year in a row.

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