APMP Member Reports 80 percent Salary Increase Using APMP’s U.S. Compensation Report

August 12, 2015 – APMP’s commitment to providing the best professional development tools for its members got a huge shot in the arm today when an APMP member reported that she recently received an 80 percent increase when she changed jobs from one company to another. She accomplished this simply by using the APMP U.S. Compensation Report to sell the increase.  Salary Compensation Report

Utilizing the data in the report, she was able to make a solid and successful case for a better position and a much higher salary simply by promoting her membership in APMP and using salary stats and facts in the free APMP U.S. Compensation Report.

The increase was dramatic. She went from an $80,000 to $140,000 annual salary simply by using the tools APMP provided free with her membership.

Although she has asked for anonymity to protect her previous and current employers, the APMP member’s story has been verified by APMP staff. What made the salary increase even more exceptional is that it happened in an area of the United States that is not known for this kind of upward mobility. She also combined her experience as a persuasive proposal writer/manager by making the case for a next-level position in the new company and the resulting huge salary increase.

She is sharing her story so that other APMP members can be inspired to do the same and know that tools APMP is providing its members led to her 80 percent salary increase.

Here are the key points on how it happened:

  • She began interviewing for a new opportunity, originally advertised as a proposal manager’s position.
  • During the interview process, it quickly became clear to her that the job responsibilities were more in line with a Director level opportunity.
  • She took all she learned from the interview and used her persuasive skills, to put together a letter (proposal) that would take the position to the new level. She cited her certification achievement in APMP (Practitioner Level), the salary range for the Director Level position as reported in the APMP U.S. Compensation Report and made a case for herself to go to the next level.
  • Mission Accomplished! She is now working at the new company, with a new title and making 80 percent more than she did only weeks before.

While this is really a wonderful and life-changing story for this APMP member, it illustrates how invaluable tools like the APMP U.S. Compensation Report (free to all APMP members) can be leveraged to put your salary on an upward trajectory.

The member has also given APMP permission to publish her letter (names removed, of course) as a template for other APMP members to use. Look for future promotion on when that will be posted online.

In the meantime, if you are a U.S. APMP member, download your free copy of the APMP U.S. Compensation Report. Congratulations to this member and thank you so much for sharing your professional development story with APMP.

If you have a success story about how the APMP U.S. Compensation Report helped you to earn more money, please share with rick.harris@apmp.org.

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