People of APMP Part Five: Steve Koger


Steve Koger, CPP APMP Fellow, is the Proposal Operations Manager for Aerojet Rocketdyne in Canoga Park, CA and is a nice person.  He has been a part of APMP since 1998 (19 years) and has been instrumental in keeping the western part of the United States engaged in the association.

We are highlighting Steve because he is one of those people who is a background guy.  He is comfortable letting others take the spotlight while he moves APMP forward in quiet and effective ways.  He never looks for the spotlight.

You may know people like Steve in your own company.  The kind of person that everyone likes, respects, and looks to when guidance is needed.  He has been a past APMP Board Member and is an APMP Fellow, but Steve will tell you that one of his first loves is his work with APMP’s California Chapter.  He has lead the California Chapter through good and challenging times and worked hard with other volunteers to advance APMP best practices one person and one member at a time.

We salute Steve today for the simple reason that every organization needs a Steve.  Every company has a Steve and everyone should know a Steve because it is good for the soul.  Find the Steve in your company today and thank them for their quiet leadership and let them know how much you appreciate them, just like APMP appreciates our Steve.