Defense Secretary Mattis Encourages Collaboration with Private Industry

While many people may disagree on their political beliefs, the power that those in leadership positions have is indisputable. Occasionally, these people in positions of power forget that they serve and should listen to the people that voted them into office. We are glad that some people are welcome to open communication that can truly create change for our great nation.

As recently reported in Defense News, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis established himself as one of those collaborative leaders whom listens. He also encourages others in government to expand collaboration between the government and our private industries. Secretary Mattis said that when he ascended to his current position, he met with many industry professionals and was open to advisement – something they didn’t previously see as an option.

Mattis is quoted as telling Defense News, “I want to encourage all of you, strictly within ethical regulations: do not have imaginary legal restrictions on your leadership responsibility to find the best bang for the buck, the most far reaching innovations are out there.”

The Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) applauds this practice and encourages all government leaders to expand their communications to all in industry. APMP sees this as not only a huge step in the right direction, but as good advice to ensure fair, open, and better government-procurement. Secretary Mattis’s suggestion of collaboration between private industry and government will help to bridge a large gap that has been growing for years. If other branches of the government join the Department of Defense in this initiative, we could continue to bring expert advice from private industry to the government. APMP’s Procurement Improvement Committee has made its mission to improve better government and industry collaboration, and have been educating federal procurement officials to do this for years.

The “approach” to open collaboration between our private industry and government in the past has improved our economy immensely. In a post-World War II America, the economy was booming thanks in part to a successful collaboration with private industry and government throughout the war effort. During the era of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, many government programs sought to work with private industries to improve the infrastructure of our country. FDR also encouraged the diversification of private industry which helped build a strong foundation for our nation’s future.

Though we’ve come a long way from FDR’s America, things have changed drastically and APMP thinks Secretary Mattis has it right. We should relax the imaginary legal restrictions that we’ve built between industry and government and start talking with one another.

James Humes once said “The art of communication is the language of leadership” and we agree. With more communication at the highest level, it will encourage more communication throughout the industry and government and build better relationships for a better future. Only good comes from government collaboration with industry, and we want to build that collaboration and bring more good to our nation.

APMP wants to thank secretary Mattis for noticing this disconnect and speaking openly about the positive change he wants to see.

APMP Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

Hurricane Harvey had a devastating effect on the state of Texas, and our nation as a whole. This destructive storm caused over $170 billion in damage from its intense winds and unrelenting downpour that caused much of the state to remain underwater even days after the storm had passed. When natural disasters like this occur, it causes an immense amount of suffering for those affected. There is one upside to all of this wreckage, is that an entire nation rallies behind those afflicted and band together in an attempt to lend a hand. The Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) has given their support to those affected by Harvey, and raised over $17,000 in less than two weeks to assist its Houston area members in resuming their lives.

Of the tens of thousands of Texans left underwater by Harvey – a number of these were our industry friends, our colleagues, and fellow members. When the call to service was put forth, APMP answered with helping hands. APMP International contributed $10,000 to the cause, while 59 other members from the Nor’easters and South Africa chapters contributed the remaining through a GoFundMe campaign. We are especially thankful for our platinum sponsors – Qvidian and Shipley Associates who gave $1,000 and $500 respectively to support the relief effort. One hundred percent of all donations raised will go directly to food for APMP’s Houston area members.

Kristin Dufrene, APMP’s Chair and Vice President, Proposal Development of Vencore, said “The Lone Star Chapter’s Chair, Sonya Wooley told us they needed money for home repair and food and that’s what we are sending them. Helping our friends and colleagues in a time of great need is a fulfilling part of belonging to an association,” Dufrene finished. The success of this fundraising campaign and the support of our members all over the world makes us especially proud of our passion for the industry and our compassion for our fellow APMP family in need.

APMP will be sending e-gift certificates for food to about 85 of its members from Houston and surrounding areas that have been impacted by the storm. We estimate that each member will receive around $200 in aid, which may not sound like much but at a time like this every bit helps. With the amount of damage caused by Harvey, rebuilding Texas to its former glory will be a long and slow process but thanks to the help of APMP and many others across the globe Texas will emerge stronger than ever before.