New Approach to Finding Speakers for APMP’s Bid & Proposal Con: Our members are setting the agenda for 2018


It’s time to shake things up a little.

For nearly 30 years, we’ve planned and scheduled speakers for our annual APMP Bid & Proposal Con the same way. Earlier this year, we started talking to other associations about how they make their conferences great—and decided to turn our process on its head.

Rather than prepare a schedule full of speakers and topics that we deemed interesting, we asked members in our APMP committees what they wanted to learn. In response, we created a list of session topics for 2018. Descriptions of the most-requested topics are posted online, and now we need members to step up and self-nominate to lead these sessions.  The deadline is Friday December 15, 2017.

We’re very excited about this new, more member-focused approach. We’ve already noticed a request for more panel sessions and interactive opportunities than we’ve offered in the past. The members we polled are also looking for input from a wider range of professional levels, so there will be valuable information—and presentation opportunities—for everyone, from new proposal coordinators to seasoned VPs.

To self-nominate, check out the list of available sessions. Select up to three sessions that you’d like to lead or participate in as a panelist, and include a brief write-up (950 characters or less) about your qualifications and experience.  Please note that when you select a session, you can only do one at a time.  For example, If you want to submit two sessions, you need to send the form in for the two different sessions.

If you have an idea for a lecture, panel or workshop that isn’t listed on the site, don’t worry. We’re accepting wildcard suggestions, too. The selection committee will consider member input when choosing wildcard panels. We’re working hard to provide content that members have asked for in 2018.

There are only two simple rules: Self-nominate by Friday, Dec. 15. And, members may self-nominate for a maximum of three sessions.

Every member has something to share. We look forward to learning from all of you in 2018 and beyond. Our members make Bid & Proposal Con a great event, and APMP a great association.

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